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Where Do We Get Our Water?

Dramatic rocky peaks, rolling green mountains, and dozens of rivers make the Pacific Northwest a year-round playground for outdoor enthusiasts. These enjoyable nature spots offer […]

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Tualatin River is Designated a National Water Trail

People who live and play in Washington County have long known that the Tualatin River is a wonderful outdoor playground. It provides opportunities for canoeing, […]

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Hillsboro’s Glencoe Swale Sees Habitat Improvements Through Collaborative Restoration Project

From a bird’s-eye view, Glencoe Swale appears to be a vibrant, healthy ribbon of green space meandering through booming residential neighborhoods in northern Hillsboro. This […]

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Placed wood helps water move into historic side channels to create refugia for salmon.

Neighbors Team Up to Improve Fish Habitat on East Fork Dairy Creek

In fall 2019, a multi-year effort to improve fish habitat for spawning winter steelhead and coho was successfully implemented at East Fork Dairy Creek. These […]

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Farm with sprinklers.

Understanding Water Rights in Oregon

Under Oregon law, all water is publicly owned. Although water sources, including streams, ponds, and groundwater, might run across or under private property, the water […]

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Shaded stream

Understanding Values and Priorities of Owners of Streamside Properties

Tualatin SWCD implements stream enhancement programs that provide funding and technical assistance to landowners to help improve the health of their streamside properties. Partnering with […]

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