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Screenshot of Watershed Navigator homepage

Meet Your Watershed Navigator

The Watershed Navigator is a resource for people who live, work, and play in Oregon’s Tualatin River watershed. It includes tools for your home, yard and community and information about where to access parks, trails and the river.

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Seven Steps to Create a Water-wise Garden

Water conservation is more important than ever. Follow these seven steps to create a water-wise garden.

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A Pacific treefrog sits on top of a fence post.

What Can Frogs and Salamanders Tell Us About Water Quality?

Amphibians help us understand ecosystem health. They are sensitive to changes in the environment. Their presence or absence in a habitat can reveal information about water quality, plant health, and changes in climate.

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Where Does Our Water Come From?

Dramatic rocky peaks, rolling green mountains, and dozens of rivers make the Pacific Northwest a year-round playground for outdoor enthusiasts. These enjoyable nature spots offer […]

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Tualatin River is Designated a National Water Trail

People who live and play in Washington County have long known that the Tualatin River is a wonderful outdoor playground. It provides opportunities for canoeing, […]

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Hillsboro’s Glencoe Swale Sees Habitat Improvements Through Collaborative Restoration Project

From a bird’s-eye view, Glencoe Swale appears to be a vibrant, healthy ribbon of green space meandering through booming residential neighborhoods in northern Hillsboro. This […]

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