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Farm Transition Planning – Why is it So Important?

Managing risk is a must in agriculture. Farmers, ranchers, and forest owners know this well – they take care to plant at the perfect time, […]

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Hawk with wings spread.

Nature vs. Nature: Biological Controls in Conservation

Those of us who grew up watching Animal Planet are familiar with scenes of ferocious hunting and escape – a jarring portrayal of nature’s intense […]

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Horse in pen with mud-free footing.

Managing Mud in Winter

Winter is here! With the change of seasons in Western Oregon comes an onslaught of rain, making managing mud in pastures, around barns, and in […]

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Farm with sprinklers.

Understanding Water Rights in Oregon

Under Oregon law, all water is publicly owned. Although water sources, including streams, ponds, and groundwater, might run across or under private property, the water […]

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Caution signs are being posted on rural roads in Washington County to encourage awareness of slow-moving vehicles and to promote driver safety.

ROADS Act: Promoting Safety on Rural Roads

The Oregon Legislature recently passed a bill to address the safety concerns that arise from increased commuter traffic on rural roads. House Bill 3213, also […]

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