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A Guide to Native and Invasive Turtles in Oregon

When exploring the various freshwater ecosystems around Washington County, you may have stumbled across some swimming, basking, or nesting turtles. Oregon has two native turtles, […]

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Graphic with the post title "a new guide for finding oregon white oak trees in Washington County" with a picture of an oak tree in a parking lot on a cloudy day.

Find Oregon White Oak Habitat in Washington County

A rare habitat exists all around us if only you know where to look. The Oaks We Share guide can help you find it. Oregon […]

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Wildfire in Washington County: Past and Present

The 2020 Labor Day fires marked my first encounter with wildfire. I arrived in Oregon from the East Coast in January and spent most of […]

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How to Manage Manure on your Rural Property

If you keep horses and/or livestock on your property, then you’re no stranger to manure. There are many ways that you can manage your manure, […]

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Two people working on a landscape design

How to Design your Perfect Landscape

Landscape design is a hard but crucial step in transforming a space. Follow these helpful steps to create your perfect landscape.

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Why Wood is Good for Streams

When you imagine a healthy stream – whether it’s one that runs through an urban neighborhood or weaves through a natural area – does that […]

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