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Farm Transition Planning – Why is it So Important?

Managing risk is a must in agriculture. Farmers, ranchers, and forest owners know this well – they take care to plant at the perfect time, […]

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Knotweed leaves and flowers.

2020 Knotweed Season Recap

Weeds are always adapting and changing. Species crossbreed (with native or non-native species), become resistant to herbicides, and infest locations where we might not expect […]

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Hawk with wings spread.

Nature vs. Nature: Biological Controls in Conservation

Those of us who grew up watching Animal Planet are familiar with scenes of ferocious hunting and escape – a jarring portrayal of nature’s intense […]

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Image comparing Douglas spirea with pink flowers and purple loosestrife with purple flowers.

Plant This, Not That: Native Alternatives to Pesky Ornamentals

When it comes to invasive plants, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that many invasive plants are often planted intentionally […]

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Understory Diversity

Laminated Root Rot: The Inconspicuous Tree Disease

Fungi play a major role in forest ecology. Similar to bacteria and certain critters (like worms, snails, beetles, and termites), fungi facilitate nutrient cycling through […]

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Container plants set out on a yard with woman walking in background

The Benefits of Fall Planting

If you’re ready to put your garden tools away and leave planting until spring, think again! Many folks are surprised to learn that fall is […]

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