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Photo of a completed sheet mulching project.

Sheet Mulching Made Easy

Sheet mulching is a great way to convert a lawn to a garden while improving soil health and suppressing weeds.

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Leaf Cutter bee

Understanding Native Bees, Our Local Pollination Experts

Did you know that … Somewhere between 75% and 95% of the world’s flowering plants depend on pollinators. [1] 30% of the food we eat […]

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Backyard Habitat Certification in progress.

Welcoming Wildlife: Backyard Habitat Certification Program Further Expands Into Washington County

Washington County resident Susan Nolte has always considered herself to be a bit of a gardener. When she started, almost 30 years ago, Susan initially […]

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Pictured above is Swallowtail Farm, one of the many small-scale food producers located in Washington County.

Eating Local in the Willamette Valley

Blueberries, strawberries, peaches, oh my! While dozens of grocery stores offer these summer crops all year long, imported foods don’t compare in flavor or nutrition […]

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Hillsboro’s Glencoe Swale Sees Habitat Improvements Through Collaborative Restoration Project

From a bird’s-eye view, Glencoe Swale appears to be a vibrant, healthy ribbon of green space meandering through booming residential neighborhoods in northern Hillsboro. This […]

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Horse in pen with mud-free footing.

Managing Mud in Winter

Winter is here! With the change of seasons in Western Oregon comes an increase of rain. This makes managing mud in pastures, around barns, and […]

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