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What is Biodiversity and Why Does It Matter For You?

Biodiversity is a hot topic these days. All around us, there’s talk about the earth’s most beautiful animals creeping ever closer to extinctionWhen an entire […]

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A Pacific treefrog sits on top of a fence post.

What Can Frogs and Salamanders Tell Us About Water Quality?

Amphibians help us understand ecosystem health. They are sensitive to changes in the environment. Their presence or absence in a habitat can reveal information about water quality, plant health, and changes in climate.

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Improving Oregon White Oak Habitat – A Note from the Field

Mike Conroy, one of our a Habitat Conservation Specialists, works with landowners to restore many types of habitat. Whether it’s a stream, a farm, or […]

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Let’s Get This Garden Started!

Starting a garden can be intimidating. Plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all make any space spring to life!

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Spurge laurel flowers

Spurge Laurel: Toxic, Stubborn, and Trying to Take Over Oregon’s Native Forests

Spurge laurel is a hardy evergreen shrub that threatens threatens some of the Willamette Valley’s most endangered habitats.

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Where Does Our Water Come From?

Dramatic rocky peaks, rolling green mountains, and dozens of rivers make the Pacific Northwest a year-round playground for outdoor enthusiasts. These enjoyable nature spots offer […]

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