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Protecting Freshwater Mussels in the Tualatin River Watershed

In nature, even the smallest creatures can play vital roles in keeping ecosystems healthy. We often see busy bees working to help plants reproduce and […]

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Protecting Floodplains on the Tualatin River

“It wouldn’t be January without high-water signs on LaFollett Road south of Cornelius where the Tualatin River spills over at least once each year.” Or […]

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Person standing in front of rainwater cistern

Saving It for Later: Rainwater Harvesting in Aloha, Oregon

Cisterns collect and store rainwater for later use. Learn how Tualatin SWCD worked with Bryan in Aloha to install a cistern on his property.

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Wingham Farms Partners With Tualatin SWCD to Protect Streams

Going big for conservation! Daniel and Julie Lee, owners of Wingham Farms, are protecting 31 acres of land adjacent to West Fork Dairy Creek and […]

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A view of Glencoe Swale, an urban creek running through northern Hillsboro.

Glencoe Swale Restoration

Glencoe Swale needs some TLC. From a bird’s eye view, Glencoe Swale appears to be a healthy ribbon of green space meandering through booming northern […]

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Falconer honey bee hives in a field painted yellow, lavender and lime green

Falconer Stream Project and Pollinators

Friends of pollinators go all in! Bob and Barb Falconer’s Hillsboro property is a haven for pollinators. From the colorful flowers making up their “bee […]

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