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A view of Glencoe Swale, an urban creek running through northern Hillsboro.

Glencoe Swale Restoration

Glencoe Swale needs some TLC. From a bird’s eye view, Glencoe Swale appears to be a healthy ribbon of green space meandering through booming northern […]

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Falconer honey bee hives in a field painted yellow, lavender and lime green

Falconer Stream Project and Pollinators

Friends of pollinators go all in! Bob and Barb Falconer’s Hillsboro property is a haven for pollinators. From the colorful flowers making up their “bee […]

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Looking through the trees and at the river at East Fork Dairy Creek

Stream Enhancement on East Fork Dairy Creek

Something fishy is happening in East Fork Dairy Creek! In 2013, fish biologist Steve Trask surveyed juvenile fish populations along East Fork Dairy Creek, and […]

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Conservation canine and handler looking for invasive species

Conservation Canines: Lending a Helping Paw

A team from Conservation Canines (CK9) is working in the Tualatin River watershed to can locate invasive garlic mustard plants.

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Vendor at Beaverton Farmers selling Creole foods

Beaverton Farmers Market Grant

Starting a business is hard! Getting any business started is a ton of work. It’s another ton of work to keep it going. Ginger Rapport […]

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Pacific Sideband Snail on log on forest floor

Backyard Habitat

Inviting nature home with the Backyard Habitat Certification Program Washington County resident Susan Nolte started her garden nearly 30 years ago with a focus on […]

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