Habitat Conservation Program


Sam Sharka

Although she grew up in Arizona’s hot and rugged Sonoran Desert, Sam feels better suited to the cool and misty Pacific Northwest. Plants and wildlife […]

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TREVOR NORMAN – Invasive Species Technician

Trevor Norman

Trevor works with Washington County residents to reach their conservation goals. Having spent his youth searching for lizards, snakes, and spiders along the Rio Grande […]

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Mike standing near planted bank

Mike Conroy

Mike likes planting trees, but he prefers to sit back and let the beavers do the work. He spends his days traveling around rural Washington […]

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BETHANY LUND – Habitat Conservation Coordinator

Bethany Lund

Bethany is a Portland native who uses her love for plant biology to lead the Habitat Restoration Program. She employs data and technology to conserve […]

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Aaron & two children in the garden

Aaron Shaw

Growing up in the shadow of Niagara Falls, Aaron developed a passion for conservation by getting lost in the natural areas around the Great Lakes […]

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