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The Relief of Defensible Space

My phone rings on a late summer’s day in 2019 during peak wildfire season. On the other end of the phone is my dad calling […]

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Wildfire in Washington County: Past and Present

The 2020 Labor Day fires marked my first encounter with wildfire. I arrived in Oregon from the East Coast in January and spent most of […]

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When Oregon Ash Goes Missing: What the Arrival of EAB Means for the Tualatin River Watershed

Oregonians don’t exalt ash trees the way they do other native trees. That’s no slight to the good people of Oregon. It’s a statement to […]

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An adult emerald ash borer feeds on an ash tree leaf.

The Emerald Ash Borer Has Arrived in Oregon

For twenty years, a pretty little insect has been traveling across the nation and it has finally arrived in Oregon, as specialists knew it eventually […]

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Western Redcedar Trees Need Your Help.

Western redcedar trees are some of the oldest living organisms in the Pacific Northwest. They can live to nearly a thousand years old, and their […]

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What is Biodiversity and Why Does It Matter For You?

High biodiversity supports healthy ecosystems because every species has an important job to do.

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