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Western Redcedar Trees Need Your Help

Western redcedar trees are some of the oldest living organisms in the Pacific Northwest. They can live to nearly a thousand years old, and their […]

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Understory Diversity

Laminated Root Rot: The Inconspicuous Tree Disease

Fungi play a major role in forest ecology. Similar to bacteria and certain critters (like worms, snails, beetles, and termites), fungi facilitate nutrient cycling through […]

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Douglas Fir Bark Beetle Die Back

Douglas Fir Bark Beetle: The Forest Pest Every Woodland Owner Should Know

Whether you’re a woodland hobbyist who enjoys the rural lifestyle or a forest owner who makes a living producing forest products, maintaining healthy forests requires […]

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Over 50% of the land in Washington County is lush forest.

Meet Your Washington County Woodlands

It should come as no surprise to Oregonians that our state is blessed with large swaths of forest – according to the Oregon Forest Resources […]

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